The Sales Cycle

The Sales Cycle

Debbie Quintana on May 25th 2019

If you’ve never in a post been in a position of sales before, the sales cycle might be something that’s new to you. The good news is that the sales cycle is the same no matter what type of industry or sales position that you’re in. There is the introduction to the client, there is the understanding of what their needs are, the delivery of the quote and pitch to meet those needs, feedback, re-work, and hopefully, there is the closing of the sale.

Well there may be exceptions to this process, this is generally speaking the type of approach one will see as a sales person. If you look at all of those different points of the sales process, there are plenty of opportunities for gifting. Sales people, inherently, don’t think about the gifting process as a part of their sales process. It’s our job to educate them on how gifting can truly lift up the clients experience with them as a sales person. While we don’t want to appear as overdoing it, we do want to make sure that the client understands how much we appreciate the opportunities put in front of us to make the sale or close the deal. 

So if we break down the sales cycle there’s actually two opportunities that are most appropriate for a sales person to do gifting. 

First, is the obvious one. When and if a sales person closes a deal, a gift is always in order. If it’s a very large sale, then the gift should commiserate accordingly. In other words, if someone sold a $200,000 car but gave a $30 thank you gift, that would look cheap and inappropriate. So as you’re educating your clients on how much to spend and the types of gifts to give, keep in mind that it should commiserate with the sale price of the product or service they are selling. 

The second, less thought about gifting point, is prior to the meeting. Prior to the meeting there is an opportunity for you to send a little something to the person that you’re going to be meeting with that basically says that you’re excited to meet with them and appreciate the opportunity. This gift doesn’t need to be very expensive, as a matter of fact it needs to be something under $10 that is tasteful without being overly done. We have a variety of gifts available for you to choose from in the “free meeting “gifting category. Something as simple as a water bottle, a healthy snack, a coffee gift certificate, are examples of things that would be appropriate for a pre-meeting gifting opportunity.

The sales cycle is something you need to educate your clients about - learn it for yourself, be a great example and teach.