Supplier GPP

Supplier Good Partner Program

We value our relationships with our suppliers and have created a program to ensure we are being the best partner as possible.  The following initiatives are designed to ensure we are considerate of your company.

ACH Payments:  If you'd like to be paid via ACH to avoid a credit card fee, simply complete this form and once your invoice is received, we'll transfer the money to your bank account in real time.

Purchase Order:  We've implemented a new purchase order system which will automatically email you the order with all of the necessary details needed.

Lead Time: Our new inventory system is designed to incorporate your standard lead times to avoid rush shipments.

Promotions and Case Studies: As a distributor and industry influencer, we are thrilled to give you the attention you deserve through our social networking channels, watch for tags of us highlighting your company.


We have a few requests of our suppliers, too.

Order Communication:  Please confirm receipt of purchase orders and provide tracking.  If possible, we'd also like to know the expiration date of the products your shipping.  Our new system shows our clients the expiration dates so they can be reassured the product has a decent shelf life.  Order confirmation emails can be sent to

Sales and Promotions:  We'd like to know about various sales and promotions you're having so we can increase margins and decrease the cost of your products to our clients.  If you have inventory you need to move, consider working with us to move it out.

Add Us to Your Website:  If you have a store locator or other page on your site that details who is carrying your products, please list us.  Our listing should read, "Qterie,".  We have two walk in locations that we ship from including: 

8550 N. 91st Avenue, Suite 54, Peoria, Arizona 85345

6901 2nd ave n. Suite 728 St. Petersburg, Fl 33710

New Product Notification:  We'd like to be the first to hear about your new products!

Shipping:  Please consider using USPS for small shipments that can fit into a USPS priority mail box.  We're finding its saving us about 23% on shipping.  We are also willing to provide our Fedex number for comparative shipping charges.